How To Delete Browsing History On TEMU

Deleting browsing history is a simple but crucial task while using Temu. The users have concerns about their private data on this app. If you permanently want to remove the browsing history from Temu then visit the browsing history section and tap on the delete button.

how to delete browsing history on temu

In the digital world, user privacy is an important factor. Online shopping applications like Temu save your data on the app to give you suggestions and personal recommendations. Clearing browsing records can also free up space on the disk.

To examine the different details regarding the deletion of browsing and search history you can explore this blog post. It will inform and explore all the possible reasons and methods to manage the browsing history on Temu websites or mobile apps.

How to delete browsing history From the Temu Mobile app?

The users may not find it suitable to keep on saving their browsing histories on shopping websites. They may want to delete it from the mobile app due to considerable reasons. For all such reasons, the users can now delete the history by pursuing these actions. 

How to delete browsing history From the Temu Mobile app?

  • You need to start by opening the Temu mobile application on your smart gadget. This strategy will work for both Apple and Android phones.
  • Now log in to the official account of Temu by entering the proper credentials and other details. The main screen of the app will show you various options such as product categories etc.
  • Find the “You” icon that is available at the bottom of the screen. It is adjusted in the middle bottom section so you can easily trace it.
  • After opening the “You” icon the users will see a prominent option of Browsing history in the last section. All the different details are available related to browsing on the temu.
  • Once you click the browsing icon the app will take you to all the different products that you have searched for. Here move downwards and find out all the possible searched items.
  • The users can select the specific product that they want to delete. They can thus click on the three dots and a Delete button will appear on the front of each object.
  • Tap on the delete item and the product history is now permanently deleted from the Temu app. You can delete as many outcomes as you want by replicating this approach.

How To Clear Your Browsing History From The Temu Website?

This process involves a little bit of a different strategy and steps. The main preference of the users is to delete the history. So anyone can delete it using the official website or from the mobile app. This section will closely monitor all the steps necessary for the temu website.

How To Clear Your Browsing History From The Temu Website?

  • The Temu website interface is the same on all types of browsers. You can use Firefox or Google Chrome to open the website.
  • Enter your credentials and then proceed to the primary interface of the website.
  • The subsequent step is to find the “Orders And Account” section which is available on the right section of the screen. You need to tap on this section and a menu will emerge in front of you.
  • From the drop-down menu, users can now find out the Browsing History option on the website. Click on the browsing history option and the website will display the different results from the user’s previous history.
  • All the different items here will have three dots in front of them. The individuals can tap on these three dots and open them. Another menu will appear that will have a “Delete” option.
  • Click on the delete option and the specific item will be deleted from the browsing history etc.
  • Users can do it for multiple other items in the history menu. So all these items will be deleted one by one.

How To Delete Temu Search History?

The search history is a little bit different from the browsing history. If you have already deleted the browsing history then it does not ensure complete protection. You can follow this guide to completely remove the search history from the Temu app.

How To Delete Temu Search History?

  • The users need to open the Temu APK from their mobile phones. After that, they need to proceed to the main interface.
  • You will observe a search bar on the top of the screen. This search bar is useful for searching various items on the app. But when you search for an item then the app will save your information.
  • Tap on this search bar and the Temu will show you the recent searches that you have made. It will show different Keywords etc.
  • The users will see a delete icon for the recently searched item. Here they can tap on the delete icon to permanently delete any keyword from the search bar.
  • The app will no longer show you the suggestions related to the keywords that you have searched for in the past.
  • The process is manual and individuals need to delete the keywords one by one. This method is suitable for any type of platform you are using.

Why Should I Clear History for the Temu Mobile App?

The privacy issue is the main concern while deleting the history from any type of app. The users may not want to share their data with the app or any other person. Here are some more reasons that are responsible for the deletion of browsing history from Temu.

Why Should I Clear History for the Temu Mobile App?

  • The users might order some sensitive products that they better don’t want to show to anyone. So they also delete the search history for such products.
  • Recent history can pile up extra disk space on the phone. There are images, files, and pages that contain cache memory. So to stop slowing down the phone the users can delete the history.
  • There are recommended items that will keep on showing on your main page of the app. The users can stop these recommendations that might be not relevant to them.
  • The fresh history of the app will show you the different promotional activities and reward-winning tasks. This helps to get some new offers on some unique procedures on the app.
  • If someone else is using the same ID of Temu then he can observe all the different details on the app. So to hide the search activities from this person you can delete the history.


Deleting the browsing history from Temu is very straightforward and easy. The users can go to the “You” section of the app and directly find the details of their browsing history. This section will show you all the details regarding your previous searches and browsing data. Moreover don’t forget to remove the history from the search bar. This bar also contains the different keywords and other data. You can delete it instantly without any hesitation. The users can save themselves from the non-interesting recommendations and also can get fresh results for the next time they open the app.


A: No, the recently purchased items will be available in the mobile app. There is a specific section for these items. Simply deleting the browsing history will not delete the details of the purchased items.

A: If you delete the search or browsing history from the app then it does not affect your wish list items. Users can go to the wish list section and manage their products as per their preferences.

A: The Temu will not instantly delete this history from the app. It may take up to 18 months to delete this history automatically. This policy is for those users who have not used their Temu account within this duration.

how to delete browsing history on temu
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how to delete browsing history on temu
The users may not find it suitable to keep on saving their browsing histories on shopping websites.
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