How to Make Multiple Temu Accounts – Ultimate Guide 2024

People who are trying to maximize the opportunities to get free gifts and sign up for credit on Temu can create multiple accounts. Each of these accounts will require a unique email address and login details. You can create them from the mobile app or from the Temu website.

how to make multiple temu accounts 2024

Temu is delivering services for both business and personal users. To keep them separate it is a good idea to create them individually. However, there are also risks when you try to manipulate the policies of Temu.

To avoid such risk this blog has all the essential information and details. You can now enjoy the new user credit and free rewards from the Temu app in different ways.

Making Multiple Accounts On Temu? – What You Need to Know

Creating multiple accounts on Temu may need proper verification. The Temu usually allows a single account per user. But you can create a different one under certain conditions. If you try to manipulate the terms and conditions of the Temu then it may result in a permanent ban.

Making Multiple Accounts On Temu? - What You Need to Know

The users can use different Email IDs because each account has its own requirements. The app will verify each of the accounts independently including the phone number and email address.

You need to enter different payment methods for each ID. This is necessary because the same payment method can be suspicious. Remember the passwords and other credentials of all the IDs.

How To Create A New Temu Account?

If you have decided to make numbers IDs then it is good to know that this is possible. But you can start from the first one and then make a second. This segment will elaborate on the different steps involved in making fresh accounts.

  • Start using a different email address. You need to create a separate email address which itself is a time-consuming process. Don’t try to use any kind of fake or bogus email because it won’t work for a long time.
  • Now download the Temu app from the Google Play Store. You can also perform this process on the official website of Temu. It is good to consider different devices because each device has its own unique Identification.

How To Create A New Temu Account?

  • The users need to suggest a unique username and password for the ID. The account password should be unique and strong too. After the confirmation, the app will ask for some other details to fill out.
  • You need to add the first name and last name. After that, the birthday or delivery address should be entered. The app can also verify your current location using the GPS system. It is better to enter a home or office address manually.
  • The new email should be working fine. The app will send the verification codes to this Email. You need to put these codes into the Temu app and then it is all done.
  • After logging in to the new account multiple offers will come on the screen. You can benefit from the Temu credit rewards and free gifts. Users can also make purchases on the app and make it look all things real.

Why Do People Create Multiple Accounts ON Temu?

Everyone knows these days that Temu is offering free gifts and bonuses to new users. Shopping apps usually provide these offers to retain customers. You can find out the best reasons to have various Temu accounts.

Sign Up Credit

The Temu is giving a top-up of 1 dollar to 5 dollars on the first sign-up. Many users claim that they have received the 100-dollar gifts as well. To avail of all these special offers and discounts people mostly create new accounts on this online store.

Sign Up Credit

Affiliate Marketing

Temu has a referral program that requires you to join the new users. This program will give you incentives and commissions when the new referral joins with your referral code. So to get these benefits the people consider doing the multiple accounts activities.

Affiliate Marketing

Business Account

The users may need a business account and want it separate from their personal ID. In this way, they can make bulk purchases on the business ID which will give them an extra advantage. The users can team up and order products in bulk to enjoy the maximum discounts.

Business Account

Reusing Coupons

The coupons are sometimes reusable. They are available in different seasonal deals. So when you find these coupons then you can use them multiple times on different IDs. Unfortunately, a single account will allow you to use it for once.

Reusing Coupons

Shipment Costs

Temu offers free shipment features to fresh customers. To avoid these costs you may consider the numerous IDs. The giveaways, in-app bonuses, and some other reasons are also considerable in this regard.

Shipment Costs

How Do I Manage Multiple Accounts On Temu?

Creating multiple IDs on Temu is not a big deal but when you try to manage them then it will take time and effort. So those users who are already using the various accounts or planning to make them can get help from this section.

How Do I Manage Multiple Accounts On Temu?

  • If you are using numerous accounts on a single device then there can be a lost risk. It is better to keep all the activities safe and separate. Do not log in to the various IDs at the same time using the clone app.
  • The users who are referring Temu to other people can take a break. Don’t hurry up to add multiple references manually from your own accounts. You need to give it some time such as a few weeks to add a second one.
  • The users can keep on updating the information on these IDs. For instance, they can change the password or update the current address. Also, save all the passwords and other credentials in a separate file so you can remember them.

What are some Risks Involved in Using Multiple Temu Accounts?

It is a fun thing to create numerous Temu accounts and acquire free gifts. However, at the same time, there are several risks involved in performing this activity. The users need to explore this section to avoid any mishaps.

  • The users who try to give fake information on Temu can get caught easily. The app will ban your account permanently.
  • Don’t try to place fake orders and do not receive them. Doing this many times can also block your ID.
  • If the app detects duplicate accounts on the same device then it can also block them all at once.

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The Temu new user credits and other bonuses can attract the audience to make multiple accounts. These accounts are possible to create but with discipline. You need to have multiple email addresses for each account. The users who are doing business can also create a business account. Moreover, Temu also offers free shipping services and other devotions for fresh customers.


A: If the Temu account is suspended then you can contact the customer service and helpline. You can also contact them in the email.

A: The users can use a single phone number for only one account. However you can delete this number after creating an account.

A: Yes, it is legal but it depends upon your intention. You need to understand the Temu policies before taking any step.

how to make multiple temu accounts
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how to make multiple temu accounts
Temu is delivering services for both business and personal users. To keep them separate it is a good idea to create them individually.
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