How To Return Items on Temu App – Complete Guide

Dealing with an item that does not meet the expectation can be difficult. The Temu does offer flexible options to return any product. You can go to the Your Orders section of the app and select the return or refund option.

how to return items on temu

The users mostly return or refund the parcels that are defective and have poor quality. You can not delay this process more than 90 days. The good thing about Temu is that it provides an extensive window for customers to exchange products.

There are some other steps and policies that are critical to understanding and performing this process. This blog will help you know how to effectively return or refund any item on Temu. This store has some key policies and other conditions that we shall discuss as well.

How do I Effectively  return items on temu

If you find anything wrong with the products that you have ordered from Temu then you can apply for a refund. The process to apply for a refund is very straightforward. Just follow this stepwise guide to get help.

How do I Effectively  return items on temu

Visit the Website or App

The users can visit the Temu website and enter the details such as Login ID or password. They can go to the Your Orders section and from there find the details of the existing orders.

Visit the Website or App

Relevant Order

You need to find the relevant order that you need to return. Just tap on this product and click the Return or Refund button. The App will ask you the reasons why you are making this attempt.

After entering a valid reason and any other comments you can proceed further.

Relevant Order

Choose a Refund or Return

It is important to note that at this stage you can also get a refund. In this case, you do not proceed any further and tap on the Refund button. The app will automatically process your money back into the bank account.

Temu can also send you credits on your Temu account that you can claim later.

Choose a Refund or Return

Return Methods

If you choose returning and replacing the product then you need to choose the delivey method. After submitting the request Temu will provide you with a label. This label is necessary to add to the parcel that you are replacing.

The shipment cost for returning any item is free if you complete this action within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Return Methods


Users can pack the box carefully and paste the return label on it with the tape. Then they can use the USPS or UPS service to send the parcel back to the store.


Refund Status

After the completion of all steps, you can check and verify the refund status. The app will send you push notifications and SMS. It depends upon the preference and customized settings of the customers to receive these notifications.

The users need to make sure that the return package is postmarked within 14 days after the submissions. In other cases, the return process can be terminated. The labels on the products work for the US locations.

Refund Status

What is the Refund Process Of Temu? – All Facts

The refund process is different from the return. In this case, the store will inspect all the things carefully and work according to the policy. The products must pass the quality inspection and then they will give you refunds.

The users need to select the corresponding reasons for the refunds They can also talk to customer service before making any decision. The tracking information on the product will decide if it is delivered properly or not.

What is the Refund Process Of Temu? - All Facts

The Temu can take not more than 30 days to refund your credit or amount. This duration mostly can take 15 days. It also depends on the bank services and mode of payment. The shipping fee in this case is not refundable.

The users have an opportunity to get the Temu credits. These credits are however not convertible into cash in the given conditions. Moreover, you can utilize them further and buy another product from this app. This is a more comfortable and fast method.

The app also offers instant refunds for the exclusive cutworms. This service is available for users who have a good shopping history with Temu. This refund is even processed before returning the original product.

What are the different shipment charges for Returning items in Temu?

The shipping is free if you return the product within 9 days from the date of the purchase. The temu gives the partial refund option as well. In case you avail of this opportunity then the free shipping or return will be deducted from your account.

The users can also return the other items within the specific time frame. This will not cost them shipping fees. But it is good to send all the parcels in a single shipment to avoid the extra fees. It also will help to reduce waste and environmental impact.

What are the different shipment charges for Returning items in Temu?

After completion of a return, the users need to pay additional charges such as shipping fees. It will cost you almost 8 dollars to return your product. The amount will be deducted from the refund or Temu credit.

Important Considerations While Returning Items To Temu?

The users can return or refund the item on Temu. But before making any decision you can also go through this section. It has additional details regarding the policies of Temu.

When the people revise the order then they will see a sender address on them. Be careful you do not need to return the product to this address. This may cause delays or other issues. The return address is printed on the return label generated by Temu.

Important Considerations While Returning Items To Temu?

In case you have put the wrong item in the package then Temu is not responsible for the loss. You can instantly contact customer services and explain the matter. The store will not provide refunds for the wrong items.

The users can get the additional denials from the service provider. They can contact customer service by reaching out to them from the Return details. The Temu app offers online services and you can share the details on official email as well.

Customer Checks on Temu Return And Refund Policy

The customers on the different online sources provide mixed reviews about this. The major complaints are regarding the slow response from customer services.

The Temu also refuses some of the customer’s refunds due to the stringent rules and policies. If the product is not defective as per the conditions then there is no refund.

However, all items on Temu are eligible for returns. So you just need to pay the additional cost on how many items you try to return.


Temu has updated its return and refund policies for customers. The new policy is clear that the customers should pack the items carefully and return them in a specific time frame. If there are any issues with the product and you try to get a refund then there are extra considerations. You need to wait for a longer time in this process. The app will give a free shipment option for new users. After that, they can charge you 8 dollars per shipment.


A: The Return label is generated when you process a refund or return. It is available in the return items or orders section.

A: Temu offers an incentive on parcels that are late. They can give you 5 dollars or more as a credit.

A: The app will give you credit back on the canceled order. It is to make sure that you handle the order before the shipment.

how to return items on temu
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how to return items on temu
The Temu can take not more than 30 days to refund your credit or amount. This duration mostly can take 15 days.
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