How to Track Orders on TEMU – Updated Guide of 2024

TEMU Shipping Services are not just cost-efficient but also integrate advanced metrics to let buyers track their deliveries at each step till reaching their doorsteps. However, if you’re struggling to Track TEMU Orders, read this blog to the end.

How to Track Orders on TEMU - Updated Guide of 2024

Practically, Shoppers can utilize three mediums to track their TEMU Orders. The options include – Tracking by the TEMU Mobile App, Tracking by the TEMU Official Website, or Tracking through Third Party Websites, such as

Meanwhile, the TEMU Order Tracking Patterns may change according to the selected medium. For instance, TEMU Mobile App users track their shipments from their Accounts, while Third-Party Websites require an Order Tracking Number to provide the exact position of your order.

Anyways, the following guide will aid you in Tracking TEMU Orders from all three mediums. Further, we will answer frequently asked queries related to TEMU Delivery Services in the later part of this article. So, stay intact till the end.

Tracking TEMU Orders – Exploring Different Mediums

Although TEMU is new to the E-commerce Marketplace, it utilizes the best available Shipping Services to ensure smooth shopping experiences for worldwide buyers. In addition, the platform integrates the latest AI to provide Authentic Tracking Updates.

Tracking TEMU Orders – Exploring Different Mediums

Upon successfully placing your order, TEMU provides shoppers with a Direct Link to all Shipment Details, including Order Tracking Number, Carrier Information, and Expected Delivery Date. Further, shoppers can contact TEMU Support in case of any ambiguity in Delivery processes.

Track TEMU Orders through Mobile App

TEMU is the only Marketplace that has gone Live through Mobile App, and most of its traffic still drives from that source. The TEMU Android App has a pre-installed Order Tracking Feature, and shoppers can access it by following the guide below.

Track TEMU Orders through Mobile App

  • Open TEMU Account on your Mobile Phone.
  • Click “You” > Your Orders.
  • Select the Order that you wish to track.
  • Tap “Track” and the order’s current status along details will appear on your screen.

Track TEMU Orders through Official TEMU Website

For your information, the TEMU platform is accessible through Web Interface, which is highly optimized and works seamlessly across Windows, Laptops, Macs, and Desktops. Here is the step-by-step guide to Check TEMU Orders on PCs.

Track TEMU Orders through Official TEMU Website

  • Go to the Official TEMU Website via Desktop or MAC.
  • Click “Username” > Your Orders.
  • Choose the order that you want to track and tap “View Order Details.”
  • Next, click “Track” from the right side of the page.
  • You will get the Real-Time Order status with other useful details.

Track TEMU Orders through Third-Party Website

The next considerable option for tracking TEMU Orders is through This website provides 100% authentic updates on TEMU Deliveries during all levels – From the TEMU Warehouse to the Courier Process and reaching your Doorstep.

Track TEMU Orders through Third-Party Website

  • Go to and click “Track Order.”
  • Input your Order Tracking Number in the Address Bar, and hit OK.
  • You will get TEMU Order Status along other shipment information.

TEMU Global Tracking

Beyond TEMU Order Tacking, supports tracking for TEMU International Shipments, whether couriered through China Post, FedEx, or DHL. After saying this, shoppers should have the Tracking Number of their Orders to avail of this service.

How to Track Orders on TEMU

A Worth Reading Section on TEMU Shipping Process

Whenever you place an order on the TEMU App, it passes through four stages to reach your destination. In the meantime, TEMU sends you a confirmation email with an Order Tracking Number inside it. You can use the tracking ID to see the Real-Time Status of your delivery.

Throughout the transition period of your Deliveries, TEMU Support and the concerned Courier Company are collectively responsible for answering your shipping-related queries. Now, I’ll share the four phases of TEMU Shipping across its serving regions.

Checking TEMU Order Status

While tracking your TEMU Orders, you’ll see four statuses – Shipped, Pre-Transit, In-Transit, and Delivered. It is pertinent to mention that the Official TEMU Customer Support is available throughout the voyage of your parcel.

Checking TEMU Order Status

Shipped Status

After a successful purchase, the first status visible on your Order Tracking Screen is “Shipped,” which means the seller has received your TEMU Order and will soon be dispatched from the warehouse to the concerned courier hub.

Pre-Transit Status

When the seller dispatches your order from the warehouse, the Tracking Status changes to “Pre-Transit,” which means the seller has labeled your order with a Tracking ID, and it’s awaiting Scanning at the selected carrier’s facility.

In-Transit Status

Shortly after the courier company scans your order and sends it for delivery to your doorstep, the Ordering Tracking Notification turns to “In-Transit.”  Usually, the delivery service takes 2 to 3 days to drop-ship your order.

Delivered Status

The last Order Tracking Notification of TEMU is “Delivered,” which means your order has reached your doorstep. If you haven’t received the parcel despite the status showing delivered, wait 24-48 hours before registering your complaint on TEMU.

TEMU Delivery Time Of International Orders

After placing several orders on TEMU, I’ve found that the delivery time on TEMU largely depends on the courier company your seller has chosen to ship the order. Further, the size of your parcel and external elements also affects the delivery phase.

TEMU Delivery Time Of International Orders

Unlike Amazon and Walmart, TEMU always strives to deliver orders as soon as possible with no additional shipment charges. Further, TEMU offers two shipping options to worldwide customers – Standard Shipping and Express Shipping.

TEMU Standard Shipping

TEMU Standard Shipping is quite popular among buyers because it’s economical and fast. On practical grounds, the shipments under standard delivery take 8 to 25 business days to reach your doorstep in the United States and the United Kingdom.

TEMU Express Shipping

In contrast, TEMU Express Service takes 1 to 7 business days to deliver your orders to your doorsteps. After saying this, the estimated time of Express Shipment may differ because sometimes late flights, customs clearance, and weather cause late deliveries.

TEMU Delivery Costs

One of the core reasons behind TEMU’s insane popularity worldwide within a limited time is its Pocket-Friendly Shipping Costs. If you choose Standard Shipping, the delivery costs on almost all purchased items are zero, which is a big plus point.

In contrast, TEMU’s Express Shipping charges around $12.90 for orders below $99, but it is quicker and reaches the destination within seven days in the United States. Nonetheless, TEMU Shipping Services are way better and cheaper than Amazon and Walmart.

Shopping below $99

As said earlier, TEMU doesn’t charge any money for all Standard shipping, but late deliveries are the only downside of this service. On the other hand, if you shop below $99 and choose Express Shipping, you’ll have to pay $12.90 per order.

Shopping above $129

TEMU’s Express Shipping delivers most packages within seven days across the United States and other countries. It is worth mentioning that if a shopper orders above $129 and selects Express Shipping, TEMU doesn’t charge shipping costs.

 TEMU Customer Support for Shipments

Unlike other Marketplaces, TEMU provides 24/7 Customer Support, and in this perspective, it has several accessibility mediums. TEMU’s Official Website has a separate section covering all FAQs related to Buying, Ordering, and other related issues.

 TEMU Customer Support for Shipments

If you can’t find an authentic solution to your issue via TEMU’s Questions and Answers section, create a Ticket or chat with Agents Live. Below is the list of mediums through which you can access TEMU in case of any issue or query.

TEMU Mobile App

The TEMU Android App features a “Contact Us” section, through which buyers can chat with Support Members regarding an issue on the platform.

TEMU Official Website

Meanwhile, the Official TEMU Website also contains a “Support & FAQs” section to provide solutions and real-time support to all issues related to Deliveries and other matters.

TEMU Head Office in United States

In addition, Shoppers in the USA can visit the TEMU Head Office in the United States, whose address is Suite 355, 31 St. James Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts 02116, USA.

TEMU Instagram ID

TEMU runs an Official account on Instagram for business promotions and customer support. If you have any queries related to TEMU Shipping, visit @shoptemu on Instagram.

TEMU Facebook ID

TEMU is ultra-active on Facebook since a prime ratio of its customers comes through this platform. Alongside promotional activities, TEMU utilizes Facebook to solve customers’ queries, and their FB ID is

TEMU Twitter ID

For your information, TEMU has an Official Account on Twitter, and worldwide users can access it to register complaints related to shipping and other shopping activities. TEMU’s Twitter address is Twitter@shoptemu.


Lastly, you can access TEMU Support through TikTok, and the firm will resolve your issue within 24 hours. The Official TEMU TikTok ID is TikTok@shoptemu.

 TEMU Customer Support for Shipments


In a nutshell, Tracking Orders on TEMU is like a piece of cake since the platform offers various mediums for this particular activity. In the meantime, TEMU provides an unmatched Order Monitoring Interface through which you can track your parcel at each delivery step until the order reaches your doorstep. Lastly, TEMU Customer Support is always there to help customers with any issue or ambiguity regarding Shipments or late Deliveries. On the sidelines, you can bookmark our website and visit frequently to hook up with the latest information and updates on TEMU.


A: For your information, TEMU didn’t use any middlemen for delivery purposes. All the shipments and deliveries of TEMU are handled and dispatched from China to all over the world.

A: TEMU is an authorized and legal Marketplace, and ordering on it is 100% secure. Indeed, the platform has millions of active shoppers in the United States, United Kingdom, and other Countries.

A: TEMU has partnered with leading courier companies to ensure fast and secure deliveries. In 2024, China Post, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, First Mail, and US Post are its Official Delivery Partners.

A: To track your order successfully, you’ll typically need your order number and, in some cases, the tracking number provided by the shipping carrier. These details are usually sent to you via email or available in your TEMU account under the order details.

A: Yes, TEMU Order Tracking allows you to monitor multiple orders at the same time. In your “Order History” section, you can select and view the status of all your recent orders, streamlining the tracking process for your convenience.

A: TEMU Order Tracking supports international shipments, allowing customers to monitor their orders from the point of dispatch to the final destination. Keep in mind that tracking information may vary depending on the shipping carrier.

A: If your order status hasn’t changed for an extended period, contact TEMU’s customer support. They will investigate the issue and provide you with the necessary information and assistance to ensure a smooth resolution.

A: Yes, TEMU offers order status notifications. You can customize your notification preferences in your account settings to receive updates via email or text, keeping you informed about any changes in your order status.

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