Answering Common Queries related to TEMU Orders & International Shipments


TEMU has strategically outshined several leading Marketplaces in the United States and the United Kingdom, such as Amazon, Walmart, and Shein. Undoubtedly, one of the contributing factors to this success is TEMU’s value-added Order Placing, Tracking, and Shipping Services.

From integrating an entire FAQ & Information section for Orders & shipment queries in their Mobile App and Web Interface to providing 24/7 Live Support and Partnering Best Courier Services, TEMU seems to never compromise on this aspect.

Further, TEMU’s Order & Shipment-related Policies, such as 90-Days Return, Price Adjustments within 30 days, and Friendly Orders Cancellation or Modification Options, are other commendable elements in this scenario.

Nevertheless, new shoppers or even seasoned ones occasionally face a few Orders or Delivery-related Issues, and I’ll try to solve such queries. Of course, I’ve gathered this vital information from the Official TEMU Website and other reliable sources.

Solving Frequently Asked Queries about TEMU Shipments & Orders

As said earlier, the TEMU Official Website and Mobile App thoroughly provide Answers to most Orders and Shipments relevant issues, and if it misses something, the TEMU Live Customer Support is always there to rescue shoppers.

Unfortunately, most customers overlook the provided solutions on the TEMU platform and seek assistance from online communities. Since the information on the internet is scattered, I’ve tried to gather it in one place to save the value time of TEMU Shoppers.

Unknown Charges are Deducted From Account

After placing an order, TEMU connects your bank for payment method validity, and the transaction completes after confirming it. However, if you return an order or see a TEMU Transaction you didn’t recognize, immediately reset your account details and inform the concerned bank authorities.

Procedure to Exchange Delivered Item on TEMU

According to TEMU 2024 Customer Policy, the platform doesn’t offer Order Exchange Option. However, you can initiate a return of a received order and claim a refund within 90 days from the purchase date.

Procedure to Ship Items Back

If your received order is eligible for return > Sign In to your Account > Relevant Order > Your Orders > Click “Refund/Return.” You can add images, videos, or comments to share the reason for return before confirming your Action. Next, select Refund Method, which includes Refund as TEMU Credit Balance or Credit to Original Payment. Finally, print the TEMU Return Label outside your package and drop it at the nearest UPS or USPS Location.

Procedure to Return an Item on TEMU

Shoppers can initiate order return process if their received order fulfill TEMU’s Return Guidelines. Go to your Account > Your Orders > Return/Refund > Add Images/Comments > Select Refund Method > Submit > Drop package at UPS Office.

Checking Order Return/Exchange Status

TEMU allows shoppers to track Real-Time Status of their Returned or Exchanged Items. Go to Your Orders > Returns > You’ll see the current status of your returned order, and expected dates of Refund.

Can’t Find my Order in Account

Although TEMU instantly updates your Order Status after receiving your request, if you can’t find your order in your profile account, contact customer support and provide relevant information, such as Order ID, Phone Number, email address, or payment information.

Procedure to Set Shipping Notifications

Shoppers can customize notifications by selecting various mediums, including SMS and Email. For this particular purpose, open your account > You > Settings > Notifications > Edit > Set your preference > Save. On the desktop, click on username > Notifications > Edit.

Didn’t Received described Item

TEMU has initiated the “Purchase Protection Program” to ensure Orders Safety, Answer relevant queries, and Issue Refunds. If you received any item not as described, you should send the item back before claiming a refund. For this purpose, go to Account > Your Orders > Return/Refund > Upload photos and describe the issue before submitting your request.

Received Damaged Item

As mentioned above, TEMU has a “Purchase Protection Program” to deal with various Orders-related issues, and if you’ve received a damaged item, the same department will entertain your query. To report and return a damaged item > Sign to TEMU Account > Your Order > Return/Refund > Add photos and Reason for Claiming Refund > Submit. 

Tracking Number Isn’t Available

Whether your TEMU Order Tracking isn’t available in the account, Order Tracking isn’t Updated, or Tracking Info is Missing, the reason behind is more likely that your package is shipped overseas, and once it reached the United States or Canada, the tracking status will update automatically.

Reporting Missing Items in any Order

Your Items would Miss from the Received Order under two circumstances – Either your Order is Overweight, or It has missed during shipment. In both scenarios, wait a few days, and if you haven’t received another package, report your missing item by opening your account > customer support > contact us > Chat with Us > Select Missing Items > Select Item and Quantity > Share Details > Choose Refund Method > Submit.

Haven’t received Order

If you haven’t received your order within the expected time, fulfill several liabilities from your side, such as verifying the shipping address, checking the mailbox, or asking closed ones as if they’ve received the package on your behalf. And if you haven’t recovered your package yet, visit the concerned courier company or TEMU Customer Support.

No Tracking Update

As said earlier, your Order Tracking Status won’t update when your package is shipped to overseas warehouses until it reaches the United States territory. So, be patient, as the Tracking Record will automatically update.

Status Showing Delivered, but I haven’t received

If your TEMU Tracking Status shows “Delivered,” but you haven’t received the package, perform the following actions – Verify your Shipping Address, Check your Mailbox, or ask closed ones whether anyone has received the parcel on your behalf. If you still didn’t get any traces, contact your courier company or TEMU support.

Order Processing is taking longer than Expected

TEMU takes 1-3 days to process your order, but if it takes longer than usual, it could contain any item that takes more to process than scheduled. If Order Processing takes more than five days, you can continue with the Refund Option.

Does TEMU offer Late Delivery Compensation

If TEMU doesn’t ship your package within the estimated time, the firm will credit your account within 48 hours. The Refund Amount will appear in your TEMU Credit Balance, and you may use it for future shopping on the platform.

Procedure to Update Shipping Address

Shoppers could Update or Change Shipping Addresses on TEMU by following those steps. Sign in to your Account > Go to Your Orders > Address > Click Edit > Make Changes > Click Save. However, the new address won’t apply to your already shipped orders.

Partial Shipments on TEMU

TEMU often divides your packages into two parts for the following reasons – Either to ship specific items faster or your entire order exceeds the asked weight limits. Of course, TEMU allots separate Tracking Numbers for each divided order.

Courier Company hasn’t received my package yet

TEMU Order Updates aren’t available until they reach the warehouses of US Shipping Companies, including USPS, FedEx, and UPS. During the overseas voyage of your package, Courier Companies will not provide any updates on your order.

How do I Modify my Order

TEMU allows Changes or Modifications in Orders if they haven’t shipped yet. If the company has shipped your package, you’ll have to wait till the parcel arrives and then go for the Refund Option. If your order hasn’t shipped yet > Go to Account > Your Orders > All Orders > Click Cancel or Order Help or Add More Items > Save Changes.

How to Find Return Label

After successfully submitting the Return Request, you should print the Return Label on your package before dropping it to the closest USPS office. To find Return Label > Go to Returns > Your Orders > Return Label.


In a nutshell, I’ve tried my best to provide verified and 100% working solutions related to TEMU Orders and Shipments. If I’ve skipped any crucial query, you can contact me through the comments section or visit the Official TEMU Website since the marketplace works around the clock to resolve matters and queries of worldwide shoppers related to their Orders and Shipments. On the sidelines, you can bookmark my website and enable the notification icon to receive an alert whenever I publish a new blog or article on the TEMU App.


A: Shipping charges are calculated based on your location, the weight of the items, and the shipping method selected. You can view the shipping charges during the checkout process before finalizing an order.

A: TEMU always apologizes for any inconvenience caused by delays. Please check your order status online, and if the issue persists, contact our customer support team.

A: Unfortunately, TEMU won’t cancel orders once they are placed. Please review your order carefully before confirming the purchase. If you have any concerns, contact customer support for assistance.

A: Yes, TEMU offers international shipping. During checking out, select your country, and the shipping options available will be displayed along with associated costs.

A: If you’re unavailable during the delivery attempt, the courier will usually leave a notification and attempt redelivery. Check the tracking information for details, and contact the courier directly if needed.

A: Yes, expedited shipping options are available during the checkout process. Select the preferred shipping method that best suits your needs.

Answering Common Queries related to TEMU Orders & International Shipments
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Answering Common Queries related to TEMU Orders & International Shipments
TEMU has outshined new Order & Shipment policies for new shoppers or even seasoned ones occasionally face a few Orders or Delivery-related Issues, such as 90-Days Return, Price Adjustments, Orders Cancellation or Modification.
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