How To Cancel a Free Gift on Temu – Step-by-Step Guide and Tips

Temu is a controversial app for its free gifts and cash rewards. They are offering these gifts to attract new customers. The people may want to cancel these gifts once the order is placed. The free gifts will mostly come with shipping fees.

how to cancel a free gift on Temu

In order to cancel these gifts you need to visit the My Orders section. From here, only select the gift that you need to cancel. It is important to note that the company will still deliver the primary item that you need to buy with a free gift.

To earn the rewards from this App, you can play the games, complete the challenges, and spin a freewheel. There are certain earning opportunities that you can enjoy with this app. There are coupon codes and cash rewards.

How to cancel a free gift on Temu?

The process of canceling a gift from Temu is quite easy. You can do this job straightforwardly from the App. However, if the user does not have a mobile application, they can use the website.

How to cancel a free gift on Temu?

  • After logging in to the App you need to open the details of the order. To do that, tap on the profile icon on the main screen.
  • Here, you are going to select My Orders. In this section, you will see a list of orders that are placed.
  • With these orders, you can see the free gift attachment. Tap on the free gift that you need to cancel. Now tap on the cancel gift button next to the gift icon.
  • Confirm the process of cancellation. The App will ask you about the reasons to cancel your free gift. Then, you need to confirm the proceedings, and then the gift will be canceled.
  • However, the users are still able to receive the primary product. Make sure you do not delete this product or cancel your entire order.

What Happens After Canceling a Free Gift on Temu?

There are certain things that will happen just after the cancellation process of the free gift. We have tried to cover the basic aspects of this query in this section.

What Happens After Canceling a Free Gift on Temu?

  • The gift that you have called is no longer available in your order. So you will only see the main items that you have purchased earlier. The company will ship you these orders efficiently.
  • The total cost of the order will be affected. The company might lower the cost of the order because the free gift also has shipping charges.
  • Users will be able to get a refund or replacement of the free gift. However, it is better to read the policies regarding free gifts on the official website.
  • There are no charges or penalties to cancel the free gifts from Temu. The company will ship the rest of the things without any hesitation.

What are some reasons to cancel Free gifts From Temu Store?

The users want to get free things from Temu App. However, it is also a fact that they might need to cancel it for different reasons. We have explained multiple reasons in this section.

Gifts are no longer demanded

Suppose someone does not need a free gift anymore because they are no longer interested in the product. You may have a similar product at home that is working fine, and you do not need to pile up duplicate items.

Gifts are no longer demanded

Reduction In Costs

The free gifts will increase the shipping costs because they have a weight. If you are shipping from overseas, then it is better to cancel the gift. Because these gifts are not worth paying the shipping charges.

Reduction In Costs

Irrelevant Relevant

If the gifts are not relevant to your primary item then it is useless to order them. For instance, you have ordered an iPhone, and the free gift is the back cover of an Android phone. So, in this case, no one needs this phone cover, not even for free.

Irrelevant Relevant

Prefer an Alternative Gift

There are multiple gift options in most cases if you shop from Temu. So, if you have accidentally selected a free gift and want to replace this gift, then remove it or cancel it. So, after canceling the unwanted item, you can order the other alternative free gift on the next order.

Prefer an Alternative Gift

Undesired Free Gifts on Temu – Helpful Tips

We have discussed the reasons for canceling these free gifts. However, there are some important things that you may note before proceeding with the cancellation process. These tips will help you to a successful cancellation.

Undesired Free Gifts on Temu - Helpful Tips

  • Users must quickly cancel this free gift before the order is received or the companies already shipped the order. 
  • Double-check the order details while placing the order. Take reviews from people in the family or friends about the order.
  • Contact the customer services of Temu if you find any difficulty in removing the order. They will give you assistance with the gift cancellation 
  • There is no need to cancel the gift again and again because if you do this many times then App will not allow you free gifts in the future 
  • Sometimes the Temu gives you a free gift that you do not require. If they give you these gifts randomly then you can tell them that it is not useful for you. So they will give you some valuable and alternative free gifts.

What’s The Catch on Free Items On Temu?

Temu is a very famous online marketplace that offers low price products, and free gift options. These products are painless for the company because they have a robust reply chain management. 

It is also a little suspicious that the retailer is giving these free gifts. The company has given a warning on various websites due to the low-quality products and data breach. So this might be the reason that the company just wants to increase its consumer database.

The gifts are really free and cost up to $0; however, they compensate for this cost in the shipping charges. This is true that the company has already given free gifts like electronics, clothes, and many other items. 

It is important to review the products of Temu on different websites. Because Temu is giving low-quality products with cheaper materials. 

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Temu is a remarkable app that is now offering rewards, extra bonus points, and many other opportunities to the customer. People want these gifts most of the time. But in some cases, they need to cancel these gifts from the order. So you can now do it by visiting the My Orders section. Moreover, the free gifts have shipping costs that can be expensive. Once you cancel or remove them from the order, the overall cost will also be reduced.


A: If the Temu app was just deleted from the phone then your information regarding the order is still available on the website. So deleting the app does not affect the existing order.

A: Users can return the entire order to Temu, including free gifts. However, there are some policies regarding order replacement that you can check out on their website.

A: You can visit the free gifts and earn credit section from the Temu app. In this section, there are multiple opportunities to earn the free rewards.

how to cancel a free gift on Temu
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how to cancel a free gift on Temu
Temu is a controversial app for its free gifts and cash rewards. They are offering these gifts to attract new customers.
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