List of Restricted/Banned Items on TEMU in 2024

Like most Marketplaces, the TEMU Application governs under Rules and Regulations that vary according to its Serving Countries and Regions. Of course, the underlying TEMU Terms are an agreement between the platform and the user.

Whether you access TEMU for Shopping Purposes or Affiliate Services, each platform’s section is presided by separate rules. Similarly, the firm imposes strict limitations on products sold and purchased by sellers and buyers.

On the far side of banning prohibited products, TEMU emphasizes Age-Restricted Purchases. While buying certain items in the United States or the United Kingdom, shoppers must confirm their age before placing an order or at the time of parcel collection.

Interestingly, TEMU imposes its Terms & Policies through authorized affiliates in serving regions. For instance, residents of the US enter an agreement with Whaleco Inc., a Delaware company, while UK residents agree with the terms of Whaleco UK Limited, a UK company.

Items Cannot Sale or Purchased on TEMU in 2024

As said earlier, TEMU implements stringent measures to restrict the sale of illegal or harmful items to prioritize user safety and maintain a secure marketplace environment. This commitment is the core reason for its success in global grades.

Items Cannot Sale or Purchased on TEMU in 2024

While standing with a firm stance in this perspective, TEMU has already taken legal action against several sellers and buyers in the past, blocking them for a lifetime from the platform. Nonetheless, below is the List of Restricted Items on TEMU in 2024.

Intoxicant Stuff

TEMU prohibits the sale of any product related to illegal substances, including Drugs, Narcotics, or any other controlled substances.

Illegal Weapons

The sale of Weapons, Firearms, Ammunition, or any items that could threaten public safety is also restricted on the TEMU platform.

Copyrighted Material

For your information, TEMU strictly bans the sale of fake products, including replicas, knockoffs, or unauthorized copies of branded items.

Banned by Respective Countries

TEMU solely follows the Policies and Laws of its serving countries and any product banned on the government level is prohibited from sale on this platform.

Hazardous Materials

TEMU bans the sale of Items considered hazardous, dangerous, or illegal to transport through its authorized carriers.

Age-Restricted Items

Lastly, TEMU follows an Age-Restriction Policy, under which specific products are sold to buyers of appropriate ages.


In short, TEMU commits to ensuring a secure online marketplace, and in this perspective, it strictly bans the sale of illegal and threatening products. In the meantime, the platform respects the sovereignty of each nation, and it plans its selling policies in parallel to the respective country’s laws. On the sidelines, you can bookmark our website and enable the notification icon to receive an alert whenever we publish a new blog or post related to the TEMU App.


A: The TEMU App utilizes advanced monitoring mechanisms and enhanced security features to identify and prevent the listing of restricted items. Users are encouraged to report violations, and the platform takes swift action.

A: For your information, users can appeal if they believe their listings have been mistakenly flagged. TEMU App has a dedicated appeals process in place, and users can access customer support to provide additional information or clarification.

A: Violations of the restricted items policy may result in serious consequences, including the ban of listings, temporary or permanent suspension of accounts, and collaboration with law enforcement agencies if necessary.

A: The TEMU App has initiated educational campaigns to inform users about the updated policies. In this perspective, TEMU’s clear guidelines help users understand the types of items restricted while promoting transparency and responsible engagement within the TEMU App community.

A: TEMU App’s restricted items policy applies uniformly to all users. However, the platform is open to reviewing specific cases if users believe they have a valid reason for an exception. Users can contact customer support to discuss their unique circumstances.

A: The TEMU App regularly reviews and updates its policies to adapt to evolving legal and ethical standards. Users are encouraged to stay informed by checking the platform’s official website or app notifications for the latest policy changes and announcements.

List of Restricted/Banned Items on TEMU in 2024
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List of Restricted/Banned Items on TEMU in 2024
Go through our updated list of Items and Products that are Official Banned or Restricted to Sell or Purchase on TEMU Marketplace alongside tips to report prohibited items on the platform.
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