How To Heart Things on TEMU in 2024 (Step-By-Step Guide)

If you have found an interesting product on Temu but are not ready to buy it right now then save it in the favorites list. Hearting things on Temu will help you create a wishlist for the future and manage all your favorite items.

how to heart things on Temu

Open the Temu app or browser on your device. You can search here for specific products to Heart. Just tap on the product icon and find a heart icon in the top right section. Save it on the wishlist by tapping on the heart icon.

This process will make it easy to find this product later when you actually want to buy it. It can be available at a lower price in the future. Users can find these favorite items in the product catalog and also can remove them from the list.

The app will also notify you about these items and can offer a better price. The users can take screenshots of this product and share them with their friends. This article will talk about all the different details related to Heart items on Temu.

What Is Hearting Things On Temu All About?

If you are willing to buy a specific product on Temu then it will give you an opportunity to save it in the favorites list. Heart thins on the app do help the user to save these items and get back to them again in the future.

It helps them to allow and track these items and buy them when they have a budget. Moreover, they can monitor the prices and some other offerings on this special product list of favorite items. 

What Is Hearting Things On Temu All About?

This list is available all the time in your Temu mobile application so you can access this list anytime. There are multiple products that you can add to this list and save them. Once you are ready to buy this thing then add it to the cart for payment. 

How To Heart An Item On Temu

If you have found your favorite items on Temu and want to know how to save them in your favorite list. Then we have some straightforward steps that are very easy to understand and perform this job. So do not miss the opportunity to buy this product.

How To Heart An Item On Temu

  • The first step to Heart Anything is to look for a specific item. You can find it using the search bar of Temu. Users can also explore it using its various categories.
  • Most of the time, the user finds products on flash sales, and they like to buy them in the future. When you have found something like this, then click on the photo or title of the object here. The app will show you all the details regarding this item. 
  • You will see a heart icon in front of this product. When you tap the Heart, the application will show you a red heart in front of this product. Mostly, this Heart is located on the right section of the screen.
  • The app also shows you a notification that your product has already been added to your favorite section. Now you can keep an eye on this item and manage the different things to buy. 
  • Moreover, users can also visit the app to find the items that they need to add to the cart. You can view these items in the favorites section of the app.

The Benefits Of Hearting Things On Temu

All we have discussed are the different methods to Heart the things and monitor them in the favorite list. To get to know about some of the benefits of Hearting these things the users can explore this section.

The Benefits Of Hearting Things On Temu

  • The first thing to take into notice is that this process will save you time and you do not need to search the item once again. It is also possible that you will not find it in your next search. Sometimes an item is coming in the flash or it is only available on the screen for some time. 
  • You can get access to it without wasting your time. The users can also witness a price drop related to this item so that they can buy it when there is a good price offering. 
  • The heart items will keep you organized if you are a daily shopper. You can add multiple things to your favorite list and organize them on a daily basis. In this way, you will know what is the most suitable product for you to buy next. 
  • The application will give you reminders regarding your favorite items. Moreover, they will also tell you about the related products that you have liked. 
  • In the end, if the users change their minds then Temu offers free returns and other services for such items.

Tips For Managing Your Heart Things On Temu

To manage these hearted things there are certain tips for the users. It is good to save the items or add them for future plans. But while using Temu you must know about some techniques that will help to purchase efficiently.

  • The users can monitor the prices on a daily basis which will allow them to get discounted prices for these items. Moreover, you should Unheart those items that are not available in stock anymore. 
  • There are some useless things and you do not want them anymore. Users can set alerts for specific items when their prices go down. In this way, they can buy them at a good price. 
  • You can put them and the list of different categories that will make you visit the heart items just like a wishlist that you cannot purchase at the moment.
  • You should not be afraid of saving these things even if you are less interested. There are no charges to save them on the list for a longer period of time. 
  • Users can also compare the hearts item and share this item with their friends and family and convince them to buy.


Heating things on Temu is a very easy task. Users can simply find a product through the app and go to its description. Here they will find all the details regarding this product. Moreover, they can observe a heart icon that is empty. You can fill this heart icon with the red color and save the items in the wish list. These items are now able to be explored in the future. The users can buy them when they have a budget. The application will also get a notification regarding the latest prices of these things.


A: Once you have found the product to Heart, then move to the product listing page. This page includes the details like ratings, price, and shiping. Just tap on the save icon to be added to the wish list.

A: Users can search the items in the search bar. They can then tap on the three dots that are next to the product listing page. Now, save anything from the pop-up menu.

A: To heart a thing from the description page, users need to tap on the product image or icon. Then they will find a heart or save icon that is next to the cart. Save this item and shop it later.

how to heart things on Temu
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how to heart things on Temu
Open the Temu app or browser on your device. You can search here for specific products to Heart. Just tap on the product icon and find a heart icon in the top right section
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