How To Get More Friends On TEMU – Detailed Guide For 2024

Getting a lot of friends at Temu will provide you with the opportunity to earn rewards and bonuses. You can make new friends by sharing a QR Code or a referral link directly. Whoever will join the Temu through this link will become your friend.

How do I get more friends on the Temu app?

Users can share the referral links to the social media posts, feeds, reels, and via direct messaging. It is necessary to create a compelling message and send it to anyone. Most of the people will follow you if they see any opportunity.

It is great to tell them the benefits of the app. People can join communities and social groups to attract a massive audience. Some other benefits of making new friends include advertisement of your products.

In this blog, we have compiled useful stuff that will help you to generate referral links and share them effectively. So get ready and read all the details that we have shared with you.

How To Set Up TEMU To Invite Friends – Generate URL

Before making a friend it is vital to comprehend the method to invite friends. There are simple ways to invite them however in this chapter we will put some light on the basic procedure to set up the app.

How To Set Up Temu To Invite Friends? - Generate URL

  • The common step is to launch the app on any device. Users can download the tool from the online shops and from the authorized website. It is obtainable for the apple devices as well.
  • After that, install the Temu App and create a new account. It is an instant process and does not take time.
  • Log in to the ID from the phone and navigate the interface. There shall be an option to Invite Friends. It is also mentioned as referrals in the updated version.
  • Go to the similar section and wipe on Invite friends. The app will generate a special link that users can communicate with their buddies to invite them.

Different Invitation Methods To Get More Friends

There are several methods to call these friends. Users can make direct contact or use multiple online sources to perform this job. Some Of the useful invitation procedures are discussed in this section.

Different Invitation Methods To Get More Friends

  • The users are required to generate a link from the app in order to make new friends. This link is shareable, and one can paste it on the web or in the messenger.
  • You can directly message your pal or any other individual in your reference list. The users can utilize WhatsApp, Messenger or WeChat. There are a bunch of messengers on the web that we utilize these days.
  • You need to write an attractive message in order to motivate the audience to join the app and become your friend.
  • There is another approach to sharing the emails. This method is old but it is still functional. Users can tag multiple persons in a single email and send it to multiple users.
  • The app also features a QR Code. You can send this code via different methods to your links. There are multiple channels to utilize to share this QR code.
  • Users can also track these referrals on the app. There is a complete list of referrals to follow up. The app will show the status of these referrals purchased, registered, or invited.

How to Get Maximum Temu Referrals? – Useful Tips

Getting referrals on the Temu can make you earn money as well. The users can now make friends and let them join the app using a special referral code. However, there are some tips to generate more friends.

How to Get Maximum Temu Referrals? - Useful Tips

Social Media Posts

Social Media Posts

This is a most useful way to generate the references. Users can ultimately post on social media that may explain the products or offerings on Temu. So, the users will surely join the app and become your referral.

Stories And Reels

Stories And Reels

The stories and reels on various social media venues can inspire the audience. For illustration, you can share the review of a product on these reals. Users will like your product and may join you on the app.

Personal Groups

Personal Groups

There are some other techniques like sharing the referral code in the personal groups. These groups are from the family members and your close relatives. There are some other groups on your phone that you can use.



The app has an online community where users find the solutions to different problems. You can relive their issues and also ask them to join the platform and become your buddy. It is an easier way to grab the audience.



It is the easiest way to call friends on this platform. If you are good at writing then make the blogs and share the details of the app. People want to know about the different products and offerings so you can mention these details.

Value Others

Value Others

It is good to be kind to others while sharing the details of the app. There are massive audiences that are doing online shopping. So, share some authentic details, and they will automatically join you.

Why To Invite Friends ON TEMU – Earn Side Income

The users are looking for referrals and friends on the app. Actually, those who will become your friends on this platform will let you make some income. So in this case we are discussing some other facts.

Why To Invite Friends ON Temu? - Earn Side Income

  • When you invite a friend he will join the app using a special reference. So in this case the users can earn the money. There are referral bonuses and cash rewards.
  • The users can share the product ideas with other individuals and can market their offerings as well. It is a good way for aunty merchants to promote their products and sell them.
  • The more friends you can tell about the producer’s experiences. So whenever you are going to buy a new product then they can help you to make a purchase.


Temu is a global app that is offering referral programs to earn money. There are some other benefits of making friends. So when your friend joins the platform then there are chances to earn the rewards. Users can share the links, referral codes, and QR codes to make anyone join Temu. It is to make sure that you have copied the URL carefully and shared it in an efficient way. Create a compelling message and attract the maximum audience. Social media is a great platform to make friends faster. The loyal friends will also encourage other people to join the platform.


A: Users can track the activities of the referral from the dashboard. When these referrals make a purchase then the app will give you some reward. However, you need to generate a maximum number of friends in order to earn more.

A: The app offers free cashback, discounts, and coupon codes. The easiest way is to earn a commission from the referral. In this case, you do not need to spend money or make any investment.

A: Users can write about their experience on Temu. They can share their thoughts and reviews on the product. The new users are mostly attracted to the positive offers and discounts.

How do I get more friends on the Temu app?
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How do I get more friends on the Temu app?
Getting a lot of friends at Temu will provide you with the opportunity to earn rewards and bonuses.
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