How To Save Items on TEMU – Detailed Guide in 2024

Saving items on Temu will surely enhance your shopping experience. This wishlist will allow you to create a personalized collection of all your favorite products. If you are not committed to buying it right now then come back again and buy it later.

How To Save Items On Temu

To save items on the Temu you can visit their website and find a more useful product. Then tap on the “Save” icon to secure it for the future. The process is very straightforward and will help you to shop those items any time you want. 

The user can directly add the item to the shopping cart from the wishlist. From here they can place the order and get it delivered very soon. There are several benefits of using this wish list that we are going to discuss in this blog.

In a similar context, wish lists can be helpful for those who are planning to buy multiple products at the same time. The app provides an opportunity to order in bulk as a team. It will reduce the cost and will also have no delivery cost.

How To Save Items On The Temu Website

The users can save these items for Temu on different mediums and devices. In this department, we will investigate how to save these items using the website. You can read the instructions below to get to know about this query.

How To Save Items On The Temu Website

  • Users need to open the Temu website on any type of browser. If you are using Google Chrome then go to the official Temu website and here process to the login section.
  • If you do not own an account then you ought to make it. After getting access to the store users can start finding the different products. They can search them in different categories or can locate them through a search bar.
  • After selecting an item you need to ensure that Temu is directly dealing with this item. There are third-party sellers that you should not prefer. However, after clicking on a specific product you will see a few options.
  • Just Tap on the “Save Later” button and the product will be saved for the future. No, you can explore these saved products anytime.
  • In order to access these saved items, users can open the account option and find the saved item tab.
  • All the different products that anyone has saved are now available to purchase. If you like to add them to the cart then it is also doable. Moreover, users can remove the product from the saved list.

How To Save Items On The Temu App From Mobile

It is a suitable time to preserve the items on Temu for later. Those people who are looking for a guide to save items on their mobile can visit this section. Here all the possible steps are available for both the iPhone and Android device.

How To Save Items On The Temu App From Mobile

  • Initiate the Temu App from the phone and sign in to the account. If you have already saved the details for this app then the phone will not ask for the login details.
  • Now go to the main page and start darting for the various products. The products are in numbers so try to sort them out and open a specific one.
  • On the right side of the screen, users can see a heart icon. Once you click on this icon you can save the items in the list.
  • The app may ask you to confirm this step and let you preview these saved items in the future.
  • If you are curious to find out these items on the app once again then visit the profile icon on the bottom side of the screen.
  • Here the users can see the favorites sections that will have all the saved items. Once you have saved these items then you can buy them as well.
  • If you’re not interested in this item anymore then select the remove item option to eradicate it from the list.

Special Instruction On saving Items on the Temu

Saving the different items on a wishlist is an easy job. However, there are some other techniques that you can apply to navigate these products and use them for multiple purposes.

Special Instruction On saving Items on the Temu

  • Users can create save lists for multiple products to order them for family and friends. In this way, all the things will stay organized and you can access these items later.
  • You can compare the prices of the saved items from the other websites and vendors. In this way next time when you are comparing the prices the wish list will provide you instant access to the saved items.
  • It is suggested to shop for these items as soon as possible. You can filter them in the future and unsave them. In this way, your wishlist is not overcrowded. These items can be there for a limited time so make your decision quickly.
  • It is not necessary that the item you have saved is the only one. Users can find alternative products on the same platform. They can find better deals and some other alternatives as well.
  • The app will show you notifications about the different products you have saved and tried to buy. In this way, there is a chance that the vendor will offer some additional discounts on the same product. 

Benefits Of Saving The Items On The Temu Wishlist

This feature is really fantastic in Temu. It comes with multiple benefits. Users can discover them all in the subsequent section for fun. You can also share these details with your friends.

Benefits Of Saving The Items On The Temu Wishlist

  • There is no need to search these items again and again once they are saved. It saves your time and effort as well. Moreover, it is possible that next time you won’t be able to find them on the app.
  • The users can wait for the special discounts and price drops. They will get to know about these items whenever they visit the store again.
  • Users can share these items with their friends and ask them to give reviews and suggestions. There are social media groups that can better review these items.
  • The wishlist can be a dream list for anyone. You can plan about these products and also buy them as a gift for your friends.
  • It also helps to give you a reminder if you forget about the product that you desperately need in the future. The wishlist will never lose this item and show it to you anytime.


The Temu wishlist is a great option to save the items to buy them later. You may want to send a special gift to your friend on a birthday and give him a surprise. Moreover, someone might be waiting to get a discount on these items. In all these situations you just need to tap on the save icon from the app to add the product to the wishlist.


A: This is because you are using the outdated version of the TEmu. You better need to update the app.

A: The users can also add the items to the cart. This is also helpful in case you want to buy them very soon.

A: Temu has a policy to send gifts to customers when the delivery is late.

How To Save Items On Temu
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How To Save Items On Temu
To save items on the Temu you can visit their website and find a more useful product. Then tap on the "Save" icon to secure it for the future. The process is very straightforward and will help you to shop those items any time you want. 
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