How To Download TEMU on Androids – Detailed Guide in 2024

Temu has over 100 million downloads and users all over the globe. It is a fascinating app that users can effortlessly download on Android phones from Google Play Store. The official website also offers a comparable service.

How do I download the TEMU app on Android?

After the installation, the APK may ask you to register yourself in order to place the orders. Users can now get the cashback and rewards on their first log-in. There are some massive discounts and other offerings as well.

The app has a wide category of items to explore and order them online. You can explore the search bar and enter the name of the product or item as well. There are several filters and subcategories to choose from.

Users should also enter a payment method to perform any transaction. It is the best platform because it offers daily flash sales at special prices. So all these important aspects and other details are discussed in this blog for our readers.

What is Temu APP all about?

Temu is an online platform just like eBay and Amazon where you can buy products. It is a splendid application for Android users who can access a wide range of products using the app. Moreover, the app is a retail store that offers decent prices.

You can get personalized products and recommendations as well. There is a Hot Category in which all the fabulous products are available. Some sections are there that offer mega deals or discounts.

What is Temu APP all about?

The users can do seamless shopping and present customers with the online experience. There are electronics and fashion products. Moreover, users can explore thousands of other products in special categories.

The platform focuses on social shopping. It means when someone creates an account with the reference of the other user then they become friends. Moreover, if your referrals do shopping then there is a chance to get rewards.

Download the TEMU app on Android

Temu is now available to obtain from official sources. It is more simple to download it from the Play Store and automatically get it installed on the phone. There can be distinct methods to download this APK.

How do I download the TEMU app on Android?

Download Temu From Google Play Store- Method 1

Download Temu From Google Play Store- Method 1

The easiest way to get this app is from the Play Store. There are updates and other features available in the latest version. Users can look forward to these common steps to save this tool on their phone.

  • The users must have a Gmail ID to log in to the Google Play Store. The app can also use your default ID for the login process.
  • Go to the Google Play Store and probe for “Temu” The search engine will show the results.
  • You can select the app with an orange icon and Temu written on it. Click on the download or install button.
  • The Play Store will automatically install this APK on the Android phone. After that individuals can launch it and enjoy the special daily discounts.

Download Temu From the Official Website – Method 2

Users can choose this method if they are finding any difficulty in obtaining this program from the Play Store. It is a more simple method to download and install any type of APK file. So read the following actions to get started.

  • The most important aspect is to enable the Unknown Sources prospect from your Android device. It is available in the phone settings, and people can further access it from security settings or from the application manager.
  • The next phase is to open the Temu Website on a browser. From here, users can download the APK file directly. It is the most contemporary version of the program.
  • Next, open this file on the phone, and it will ask for installation. You ought to tap on the install anyway button. The process is very short, and the app will be installed in no time.

How To Register & Sign In From Temu

The important part is to register yourself on this platform. It is necessary because you can not make any order prior to the completion of this process. However, users can search for different products.

  • The initial step is to launch the Temu from the phone drawer. It is also general on the app list.
  • The program will ask for some sort of access to your phone storage. After that, individuals will notice a welcome screen from where you can tap on the Register option.
  • Users can enter an ID and password for registration. However, they can also use the Gmail account for the same process.
  • Now every time you open the app it will launch without asking for the password. For that, you need to save the default password.

How to Do Shopping on the TEMU App

How to Do Shopping on the TEMU App

The main intention of this medium is to find the products and buy them online. There are free coupons and discounts that are waiting for you. Users can follow the following steps to place the order successfully.

  • On the main interface of the tool, individuals will find multiple categories. These categories are related to sports, electronics, health, fashion, and electronics. There are some other subcategories that one can discover.
  • These categories will show you some of the top trending products. Users can use the filters to sort out these products in accordance with the price and ratings. They can also search for any product in the search bar.
  • Now it is time to check the details of the products that you like to buy. There are delivery charges, shipping costs, and some other details. However the main details are regarding its attributes and features.
  • Users can add the outcome to the cart menu. For that just tap on the item and click on the cart button. If you want some more products then add them as well into the cart.
  • Now it’s time to pay for the selected product. There are dual options to choose the on-delivery payment or to choose for online payment. Both of these methods are useful. If you have a coupon then use it for a discount.
  • One more important thing is to add the address and other details. Users must write everything correctly in order to place an order. Give your phone number so that they can call you before delivery.


Temu is similar to the likes of Flipkart and other online retailers. There are multiple products and items to explore in categories. Users can safely download it through the Google Store. If you want to get it from the website then it is also possible. Explore some products in the app and add them to the cart. Next, you need to place the order and give your address and other info. Users can use direct payment methods and buy through debit cards. The delivery charges are also included.


A: Yes, the app now offers its services on multiple devices and is free to download.

A: Users must have a stable internet connection and an up to date version of an android phone. There are several other reasons but the most common is the low disk space or internet issues.

A: Temu offers low prices because it is a wholesaler and retailer. It offers merchandise products that are available at a low cost.

How do I download the TEMU app on Android?
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How do I download the TEMU app on Android?
Temu is an online platform just like eBay and Amazon where you can buy products. It is a splendid application for Android users who can access a wide range of products using the app.
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